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 Zoning Permits

Your township or municipality may have zoning regulations, to find out, call the municipal office or refer to our municipal membership list.  If a zoning officer is listed, zoning restrictions apply.
You will not receive your zoning permit until your Erosion & Sedimentation Pollution Control Plan is reviewed by your County Conservation District. This plan must either be wavered or approved in writing prior to the approval of any zoning permit.  Once all documentation is reviewed by the Zoning Officer and is found to be in compliance with Township/County Subdivision/Land Development/Zoning Ordinances your zoning permit will be issued.
We will not issue a building permit until we have recieved a notification from your zoning officer stating that your project is in compliance with any applicable zoning restrictions and that all zoning fees have been paid. 
This notification must be in the form of the actual issued zoning permit from the municipality in which you are building.