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 Fees and Charges Summary

These permits and applications have associated fees and processing charges associated with them.  All or some of these costs may apply to your project.

Building Permit:  
The building permit application fees are calculated by use of a formula and is based on square footage and type of construction.  Minimum Building Permit fee is $60.00 plus a $4.00 PA State fee for residential construction and $100.00 plus a $4.00 PA State fee for commercial.  See our Building Permit Fees for more information.

On-Lot Sewage System:  
Fees for On-Lot sewage systems will vary by municipality, please contact your municipality for information regarding these fees for your project. 

Also see our Sewage System Permits Page for more information.

Municipal Water and Sewer:  
If available, there are fees for new municipal water and sewer hookups, please contact your municipality for information regarding these fees for your project. 

Read more about Municipal Water and Sewer services on our Water and Sewer Service Page.