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 Building Permit Process

A building permit and building inspection may be required if you intend to build, construct, enlarge, remove, replace, alter, move, demolish a building,  change the occupancy of a building or erect, install, enlarge, alter, change, remove, convert or replace any electrical, gas, mechanical or plumbing system regulated by the Uniform Construction Code.  Mansfield Code Administration Staff will determine if a permit & inspection are required.
An emergency  replacement of equipment may be made without first applying for a permit IF the applicant submits an application for permit to Mansfield Codes Administration within 3 business days after the  replacement is complete, otherwise you may be in violation of the UCC, with up to a possible $1000/day fine.
Your township or municipality may require additional permits or approvals for your project.  These permits or proof of approval may be required before a building permit will be issued.  These additional permits and approvals may include:
If you are unsure whether or not you need a permit or additional approvals, contact us first and we will let you know.
Examples of work that requires permits and inspections:

·   Residential construction

Building permit approval is required prior to the construction of the following:
1.      New homes
2.      Additions to homes, garages, decks
3.      Garages  (attached, integral, detached 1000 square feet and over)
4.      Decks, porches (30” or more above adjacent grade)
5.      Deck roof, porch roof
6.      Remodeling or alteration of the structure which involves changing structural
         or supporting members.
7.      Chimneys and built in fireplaces
9.      Swimming - pools over 24 inches deep (in ground & above ground)
10.     Spas/hot tubs – indoor and outdoors
11.     Finished basements - permits may be required when converting a basement
           to a finished area.
12.     Changing means of egress.

·  Commercial construction

Building permit approval is required prior to the construction of the following:
1.      New commercial structures
2.       Additions to existing structures
3.       Alterations and renovations to existing structures
4.       Change of use, changing from one use group to another
            5.       Installation or alteration of plumbing, heating, or electrical systems
6.       Roof – any work to an existing roof other than ordinary repairs
7.       Change of means of egress
Examples of improvements and repairs that are exempt under the UCC and do notrequire a permit: 
  • Fences that are no more than 6 feet high.  (Note: See local municipality regarding all fence requirements, zoning approval may be required)
  • Retaining walls that are not over 4 feet in height measured from the lowest level of grade to the top of the wall unless the wall supports a surcharge.
  • Water tanks supported directly upon grade if the capacity does not exceed 5,000 gallons and the ratio of height to diameter or width does not exceed 2 to 1.
  • Sidewalks and driveways that are 30 inches or less above adjacent grade and not placed over a basement or story below it.
  • Painting, papering, tiling, carpeting, cabinets, counter tops and similar finishing work.
  • Prefabricated swimming pools that are less than 24 inches deep.
  • Swings and other playground equipment accessory to a one or two-family dwelling.
  • Window awnings supported by an exterior wall which do not project more than 54 inches from the exterior wall and do not require additional support.
  • Residential window replacement without structural change
  • Minor electrical repair and maintenance including the replacement of lamps or the connection of approved portable electrical equipment to approved permanently installed receptacles.
The following mechanical work or equipment does not require a permit:
  • A portable heating appliance.
  • Portable ventilation appliances.
  • A portable cooling units.
  • Steam, hot or chilled water piping within any heating or cooling equipment regulated or governed under the Uniform Construction Code.
  • Replacement of any minor part that does not alter approval of equipment or make the equipment unsafe.
    Self-contained refrigeration systems containing 10 pounds or less of refrigerant or that are put into action by motors one (1) horsepower or less.
  • Portable evaporative cooler.
  • A portable fuel cell appliance that is not connected to a fixed piping system and is not interconnected to a power grid.
The following plumbing work does not require a permit:
  • Stopping leaks in a drain, a water, soil, waste or vent pipe.   The uniform construction code applies if a concealed trap, drainpipe, water, soil, waste or vent pipe becomes defective and is removed and replaced with new material.
  • Clearing stoppages or repairing leaks in pipes, valves or fixtures and the removal and installation of water closets, faucets and lavatories, or pipes that are not replaced or rearranged.
  • A permit is not required for the installation, alteration or repair of generation, transmission, distribution, metering or other related equipment that is under the ownership and control of a public service utility by established right.
Permit Process Overview
Prior to the issuance of a building permit to begin construction, the applicant shall obtain all required pre-construction approvals from their local municipality.  Including but not limited to; sewage, planning, sub-division, stormwater management, erosion & sediment plan and zoning approvals.  The applicant shall present (3) three copies of the required approvals to the Building Code Officer at the time application is made for a building permit.
Contractor's shall provide proof of worker's compensation insurance coverage
 to the Building Code Officer.  Homeowners doing their own work are not required to provide proof of insurance, however they must sign a waiver stating that they will be doing all associated work themselves.  If desired, the applicant can complete their building permit application prior to issuance, however the permit will not be issued until all pre-construction approvals are made by the respective issuing authority and all permit fees have been paid in full.
At the time an application is submitted, (3) three copies of architectural and/or working drawings shall accompany the permit application.  Specific notes may be added to the drawings by the Building Code Official reviewing the documents.  One set of plans will then be returned to the applicant to be retained at the job site and one set of plans will be retained by the local municipality, and one retained by the code authority. Typical plan reviews are completed within three to five days after submission of the permit application for residential plans.  Upon completion of the project the owner/applicant must apply for a“Certificate Of Occupancy” prior to any use of the structure., or penalties will be imposed.   
             For a step by step review of the Building Permit Application process, see our Permit Process: Step-by-Step section.                               

Download a building permit
Download and print out your own blank building permit form.  These forms should be submitted to the Mansfield Borough office for processing.  You can either send this form or deliver it yourself to our office:
Mansfield Code Administration
Borough of Mansfield
19 East Wellsboro Street
Mansfield, PA 16933
Building Permit ButtonTo view and print these forms will require Adobe Reader or other PDF-compatible software.  You can download Adobe Reader free from the Adobe website

Download your building permit here: (permit_application.pdf  116K)